Software Development

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  • Intranet Portals

  • Information System Portals

  • Outsourcing

We provide tailor made software development services for clients to improve their operations and achieve their efficiency and business goals.  We work directly with CTO’s and COO’s to build applications which are required for your business operations.

We build applications using the Agile Methodology to ensure you see results quickly.  Based on an initial set of requirements or stories, we plan your application roadmap, release plan, identifying iteration lengths and then work iteratively to deliver working versions of your product as develop.  Our process is managed by your dedicated account manager, who acts as the internal customer for your project.  The work is delivered by our team leads, designers, developers, user interface developers, testers and linux administration making up the full set of resources on your project.


The technology we use on projects differs depending on the customer requirements.  We have two separate departments, one specialized in Java technologies and one in PHP, allowing Bright Creations the flexibility to select the right solution, technology and framework for your project.

Bright Creations has delivered numerous projects in software development including intranet portals, web portals, case management systems, hotel reservations systems and information systems portals.  We have also worked on numerous outsourcing engagements whereby our resources report directly to your CTO or technical team internally to bolster your development capabilities.

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Working with one of the largest malls in Egypt was an absolute pleasure for us here at BC. Bright Creations is proud to announce that we just launched the new website and mobile apps for Mall of Arabia! The mobile app supports indoor navigation & is powered by our indoor navigation solution Nav&Go. With the app, you can find stores, find out where you are, check out offers and cinema times at Mall of Arabia. We're glad to announce that we also partnered with to provide cinema times for Mall of Arabia.

Bright Creations launched an On The Job Training platform that connects job seekers in KSA to connect with potential candidates as part of the Doroob initiative by Takamol.