Check out our awesome first project we worked on with Google, yes, we’re not trying to trick you, we mean Google, the internet giant.

The Project

Google teamed up with global information and measurement giant Nielsen to conduct 1,500 face-to-face interviews in five key MENA markets: Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE to collect critical data about the online behavior of urban consumers aged 15 years and older. The information provided in this tool focuses around Media Usage, Internet Usage, Mobile, Activities, eCommerce and Online Attitudes. We were brought in to come up with a logo for the InsightsMENA initiative and to design and develop the platform.

The Result

Google is known for impeccable user experience and by using the latest technologies (HTML 5 and CSS3), we ensured that will live up to those standards.

InsightsMENA can be used to analyze and filter all data to fit the user’s specific needs. Users of InsightsMENA can view all data in multiple different interactive charts; if you prefer line charts over pie charts, no problem! That’s not even all yet, has the means for you to export all statistics and charts to CSV, XLS, PNG or PPT for your own purpose.