View how we helped Connex Assistance re-engineer their business processes.

The Project

Connex Assistance provides quality medical assistance in Egypt and handles 90% of travel insurance claims in Egypt. With the establishment of multiple international offices came the desire to connect all of them with the same processes and turn them into a paperless office.

The Result

Connex Assistance wanted cutting-edge technology and were looking for a supplier to deal with restructuring their business to gain a competitive edge, remain the leading assistance company in Egypt and move to an impressive software system to innovate in the industry.

By doing so they wanted to ease scalability of the business model on a larger and international scale, which would in turn help them achieve their goal of always improving the service of Connex Assistance.

Successfully re-engineering their company would not only help achieve their 5 year plan, but especially support them in easy measurement of their performance.

The purpose of the system is to automate the whole business process from start to finish, reduce paper usage within the office and make it a paperless office and reduce costs.

A new improved system would furthermore enhance efficiency by reducing their overhead and redundancy of manual handling of cases, track performances and business processes and allow for easier reporting.

We were brought in as Business Consultants to analyze the business and recommend streamlined processes which, with the support of technology, would achieve their goals.

Our consultants spent 3 months analyzing their business with their subject matter experts including clients, team members, assistant managers, managers and CEO.

Our goal was to identify their processes, break down their “As-Is” process flows and build new “To-Be” processes that would accommodate growth, and the integration of a custom application.

Once the Business Consulting phase was complete, Bright Creations was selected as their preferred software provider to develop the Custom Application which would support their new Business Processes.

The proposed solution included the following:

  • Call Centre integration – To improve the quality of calls, assignments and begin recording phone calls

  • Customer Relationship Management & Case Management Tool – this would be the core module to help manage their services and client information.

  • Client Portal – to replace their existing website

  • Human Resources Module – Managing all their staff members data and roles within the organization

  • Operational Financials Module – to manage all their accounting requirements from an operational perspective

  • Business Intelligence – to provide a quick and easy method to analyze the Business Performance and generate custom reports based on their requirements

  • Document Management – to manage all their documents and knowledge within the organization.

Bright Creations’ custom business solution contains a mix of custom software, proprietary software and off the shelf open source software to achieve the right solution within the necessary timelines.