View an application that we designed and developed for Booz and Co and Google that could soon become a major tool for decision makers in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Project

Booz and Co together with Google conducted a survey in 9 Middle Eastern and North African countries where they identified a new generation that is shaping society and institutions through digital technology to foster change – the Arab Digital Generation (ADG). The ADG represents a major group of interest for policy makers, educators, business and community leaders through which potential economic, social and political opportunities can be emanated from. We were brought in to do the data crunching, creative design, storyboarding, develop the application and provide copy editing and translation services.

The Result

The application is an online data visualisation tool providing the user with invaluable information about the Arab Digital Generation’s perception of society and institutions as well as points that could be used as references for improvement in certain areas.

Users with very little time, have the option of creating their charts and filtering according to their preferences with little distraction and straight to the point by selecting a category and a question.

For the browsers among us, we also included a feature that lets you enjoy all the fabulous animations our team implemented.

We also made sure to include a feature where you can take the ADG quiz. Users can match their answers with a set of selected questions from the original survey and compare their results to that of the ADG,  A UX freebie, courtesy of Bright Creations.