Google Days is a Google platform to handle all Google Day events globally.

The Project

Google hosts countless Google Day events every year and these were currently being managed using Google Sites. They decided to initiate a program to collect all Google Day events under one platform to allow easier management and centralization of their events. They selected Bright Creations as their design and development agency to build the platform.

The Result

Google Days is built in Java and hosted on the Google App Engine - it provides excellent integration with all Google API’s including Picasa, YouTube, Google+ login and more.

For front-end development, we only used the latest technologies in HTML 5 and CSS 3 to enhance user experience.

Users can browse all events and speakers and if they find an event that appeals to them, they can register and participate.

Part of the Google Days application is the resources section that allows users to view images, videos or even presentations from prior events.

The CMS was built for the group to ensure easy management of events. A very cool feature which we built as an automated survey builder tool, allowing administrators to automatically rank applicants for registration to be able to easily accept candidates for the events.