CitJo is the first Arabic language citizen journalism portal worldwide and Bright Creations designed and developed the online platform.


DEDI brought in Bright Creations to re-brand and redesign their website. View the brand new digital look that we gave the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI).


EMP is a website that communicated the key messages EMP wanted to communicate as well as being available in multiple languages. Bright Creations was brought in to design & develop the website.


Ideavelopers, a venture capital firm supporting innovative startups, was in need of a website to have a wider reach for potential early stage companies they invest in.

The website was designed & developed by Bright Creations.


Media Republic is a sister agency of ours, founded in 2009.  Media Republic is a leading advertising communications agency working with some of the world's biggest brands including the likes of LG, Pirelli, Google, Allianz, Phillips, Four Seasons, the United Nations, National Bank of Egypt and many more. 

Media Republic also owns the multi-award winning website, and which have taken Cairo by storm to become the leading lifestyle websites of our time.

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