View the brand new digital look that we gave the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI).

The Project

The Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute’s (DEDI) efforts lies in enhancing political life in Egypt and Denmark and Europe and the Arab World at large and to improve mutual understanding and dialogue among these communities. This can be achieved through multiple media channels and DEDI brought in Bright Creations to re-brand and redesign their website.

The Result

DEDI’s work is based on projects and keeping that in mind, we regrouped the content of the website to focus on and around these projects.

Users can view all of DEDI’s projects including project descriptions, images, videos, the time the project occurred as well as the focus area of each project.

Originally, the DEDI website consisted of the informative website and their online magazine “Hiwar”, we split it into two websites to create separate brands for each.