New name, new website. When MSCC changed its name to EMP, we were right there to help out with the design and development of a brand new website.

The Project

A name change in a company commonly goes hand in hand with a number of other smaller and bigger changes. For EMP (former MSCC) this meant to throw away their previous three websites and combine them in one.

upimg downimg

From Sketch To Design

EMP is operating in more than 20 Middle Eastern and African countries and during our kick off meeting they pointed out that a map displaying their key markets was of high importance to them. Keeping this in mind, we decided that an interactive map on the homepage would be the best solution for this. Communication was key, especially across 20 countries, so we trinkled the website with messages in different languages to cater for the cultural diversity of users. The website is responsive and communicated the key messages EMP wanted to communicate and it’s available in multiple languages.

The Result

Based on a request by EMP, we created two different highlighters on the interactive map - The first one would represent a country office that displays the contact information on hover over and the second one indicates that EMP is active in this country.

The website is accessible on web, mobile and tablets providing the same user experience through one platform.