CitJo is the first Arabic language citizen journalism portal worldwide and we designed and developed it.

The Project

CitJo, short for Citizen Journalist, is a platform launched by Bright Creations that connects citizen journalists with media agencies worldwide giving journalists of all kinds the chance to price media they post on social media websites. Founded by Mahamad El Tanahy, our founder and managing director, the Bright Creations team managed the whole software project, including branding, requirements analysis, design and development.

The Result

If users post their media to Twitter and make use of the #CitJo hashtag, their tweet will automatically be indexed by CitJo and can then be sold on the platform.
Prices and licenses need to be set by the user in their account settings and will then be sold without the CitJo watermark, otherwise all images have a watermark.
CitJo is hosted on cloud servers.
Our hard work paid off, as CitJo was shortlisted from 4,000 applicants to the top 20 for the Google Ebda3 competition.