Esswara (Bracelet in Arabic) is an online retail store offering a full range of trendy and modern jewelry from international designers to the ladies of the Middle East.
When we teamed up with Esswara, it was merely an idea that needed to be realized.
We started working on this project even before the name Esswara was born and our team was involved in the branding and the design and development of the eCommerce platform.


Esswara is a startup online store concept based in Dubai selling a full range of jewellery - bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. As regular visitors to their website, we are constantly impressed by the beautiful and trendy jewellery pieces they have curated from international brands and brought to the Middle East.

They are based in Dubai and deliver to the UAE.


…We were very proud to launch Esswara eCommerce platform, they were one of our most esteemed clients and it was a great pleasure. Check out their website now, maybe…

(29 December,2013)