Check out Esswara, an online start-up that hired Bright Creations for branding, design and development of their eCommerce platform.

The Project

Esswara (Bracelet in Arabic) is an online retail store offering a full range of trendy and modern jewelry from international designers to the ladies of the Middle East. When we teamed up with Esswara, it was merely an idea that needed to be realized. We started working on this project even before the name Esswara was born and our team was involved in the branding and the design and development of the eCommerce platform.

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From Sketch to Design

After we kicked off the project with the Esswara team, we immediately started with the branding and the design of the website. The Esswara team gave us some great input on what they were looking for design-wise and it didn’t take us too long to put together a design that met or even outdid their requirements. Working on the branding of Esswara was a bit trickier. A logo should represent a company in everything it stands for, it’s usually the first connection for a prospective client. By the time we finalized the branding of Esswara, we were almost done developing the website. Esswara’s logo consists only of characters and is modern and timeless at once.

The Result

We built the Esswara eCommerce application in Magento. On each product item page there is a section that includes related products which encourage cross-selling to the user in addition to continue browsing through the online store. What we personally really like is that users can add products to their wish list, which means products don’t have to be purchased immediately but will stay on this wish list until the user removes it or buys it, this way a beloved product can easily be found again.

Users can also zoom in on the products, which brings out all the fine details of the jewelry that makes them so special and unique.