Esswara is a startup online store concept based in Dubai selling a full range of jewellery - bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. As regular visitors to their website, we are constantly impressed by the beautiful and trendy jewellery pieces they have curated from international brands and brought to the Middle East.

They are based in Dubai and deliver to the UAE.


Mgadeer is a marketing company in Saudi Arabia that specializes in online food ordering services.

The company plans on becoming the market leader in the online food ordering business.
Our client, Mgadeer, is fully dedicated to lead food ordering services in the MENA region through the expansion of its branches and partner restaurants.


Injaz Al-Arab is an organization that helps inspire a culture of entrepreneurialism and business innovation among Arab youth.  It operates in 12 countries across the Middle East and Africa and is a confederation of national operations that collaborate with corporate volunteers and Ministries of Education to provide education and training to Arab youth in work readiness, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.
We were lucky to have joined forces with Injaz Al-Arab and revamp their online presence; hopefully, we’ll get a chance to work with them on many more projects in the future.


Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment S.A.E. (“Al Ismaelia”) is a real estate development company based in Cairo, Egypt, focusing on acquiring and renovating prime real estate in Downtown Cairo with the aim of revitalizing the historic neighborhood and celebrating its unique, organic urban framework.


Al Ismaelia’s revitalization project injects new life into -the all but forgotten buildings of Downtown Cairo that have suffered from fragmented ownership and generations of neglect.

Through their acquisition and renovation efforts, they removed all legal complications associated with the fragmented ownership, thus benefiting owners who would otherwise have great difficulty in profitably selling the property, as well as the buildings’ tenants who previously lacked a single entity with whom to negotiate the sale of individual apartments.

We were ecstatic to create an online presence for them to showcase the awesome work they’ve been doing and are about to do to restore our beloved Downtown


Beltone Financial is one of the leading investment banks in the Middle East Region. Headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, it was established in 2002 by its co founders, Aladdin Saba and Aly El-Tahry.  Beltone financial serves its clients from a network of offices in Cairo, Dubai, Libya, London and New York.


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