Al Ismaelia

Al Ismaelia

Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment S.A.E. (“Al Ismaelia”) is a real estate development company based in Cairo, Egypt, focusing on acquiring and renovating prime real estate in Downtown Cairo with the aim of revitalizing the historic neighborhood and celebrating its unique, organic urban framework.


Al Ismaelia’s revitalization project injects new life into -the all but forgotten buildings of Downtown Cairo that have suffered from fragmented ownership and generations of neglect.

Through their acquisition and renovation efforts, they removed all legal complications associated with the fragmented ownership, thus benefiting owners who would otherwise have great difficulty in profitably selling the property, as well as the buildings’ tenants who previously lacked a single entity with whom to negotiate the sale of individual apartments.

We were ecstatic to create an online presence for them to showcase the awesome work they’ve been doing and are about to do to restore our beloved Downtown

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