We have an extreme passion for mobile apps and building our own products, put those together and you get Travel Bucket.

The Project

Travel Bucket is a mobile app for your travels that allows you to log your destinations & many more amazing features. The mobile app is a product of Bright Creations The imagery used in the web page and social media channels shows the beauty of traveling through nature and stunning scenery.

Application Flow


The Result

Travel Bucket is a mobile app that allows you to keep track of your global adventures and enrich your traveling experiences by allowing you to list the number of countries, cities, and even states around the world, keep track of where you’ve been and make a bucket list of all the places you wish you could visit.
View your ranking and that of friends in each continent and globally, view where your friends have been and where they wish to go and whether or not you share common countries on your bucket lists.
We are constantly working on new features and perfecting Travel Bucket everyday.