View Injaz Al-Arab’s Company Program App to build exceptional future entrepreneurs in the Middle East.

The Project

The Injaz Company Program is an initiative of Injaz Al-Arab together with Deloitte to provide hands-on learning experience in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurial skills in form of a Facebook application. Students participating in the Injaz Company Program are networking with other student companies, publicizing their own company and the best student company receives an award. Bright Creations designed and developed the Facebook app.

The Result

The fan-gated Facebook application was created for students participating in the competition as well as all of Injaz Al-Arab’s fans.

Designed in a young, creative and playful way, the application is intriguing not only for students but possibly also some grown-ups curious to find out what the app is all about. The app lets users buy and sell shares of all student companies listed on the “Injaz Index” as well as posting their own pitches to encourage other students to buy their shares.