Politics is already confusing enough and elections don’t make it any easier. To shed a little light on the Egyptian elections, we created Sawtak - your objective elections Information Provider on the go.

The Project

When the Egyptian Ministry of Administrative Development launched an “Election API” in cooperation with Google and the High Commission for Elections to ease the voting process, we at Bright Creations wanted to do our part in supporting people to go vote and shortly after, the idea of Sawtak (“Your Voice”) was born. Sawtak is an in-house product that was sponsored by Etisalat Egypt for the parliamentary elections. We designed and developed the mobile app to run on iPhone, Android, Blackberry as well as a WAP version. In our support of Egypt, we have launched multiple iterations of Sawtak, for the Egyptian Parliamentary elections first, the Egyptian Presidential Elections second, and then recently for the Egyptian constitution referendum.

The Result

Sawtak was  such a success the first time around, we launched three iterations of the app for different voting stages in Egypt.  Each launch, we have received over 50,000 unique visits per day on the web version, in addition to over 40,000 downloads on Android and iPhone. We look forward to relaunching Sawtak for the next Egypt Elections coming soon.  If interested in sponsoring our application, please feel free to contact us.