Fusing metal with cultural metaphors in a contemporary framework is what makes Sabry Marouf’s jewelry so unique. Find out what makes their website so extraordinary.

The Project

Sabry Marouf brought in Bright Creations to design and develop a website that lives up to their bespoke and progressive jewelry. It took us several rounds of design to come up with what we feel is a masterpiece. The design of the website is very elegant and beautiful, while at the same time keeping it simple and making the user feel like they’re not on a regular website but rather a digital catalog of beautiful jewelry.

The Result

Developing the website was quite a challenge for our developers as it was completely done in AJAX without using any Flash, which means that the website works on all browsers and is compatible with phones and tablets alike. The site is mainly focused around the stunning images of the designers’ pieces and in order to keep those images safe, they can’t be downloaded by the average user.