View how we went from developing Reviewzat to designing it – yes, it was the other way round.

The Project

Reviewzat is an online platform that reviews products in an unbiased manner to ensure that you can make the best choice when purchasing a product. We were brought in to develop the site only. However, it seems the Reviewzat team wasn’t too happy about the decision they had made and soon after the platform launched, we started redesigning the whole site.

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From Sketch to Design

After having launched Reviewzat, we started redesigning the platform to look more like what the Reviewzat team imagined the site to look like. With platforms such as Reviewzat, that focused on providing new content on a regular basis, not doing wireframes before designing all pages to determine the web architecture and core functionalities would be foolish. After several meetings with the client and successful completion of all wireframes, we started designing the new Reviewzat. The design is very clean and minimalistic and was designed responsively to work on all screen sizes.

The Result

The whole application was built in Joomla using JReviews to accommodate for the type of content that the editorial team publishes on a regular basis.

We incorporated a user rating system to increase user engagement as well as a commenting feature.

Users can answer a short questionnaire and the system will then produce a list of recommended products in a buyer’s guide that is specified to the needs of each individual visitor.

A very important feature to have during the purchasing decision process is the ability to compare products according to product specific features, because only then a user will truly know which product meets their needs.