Check out the statistical infographics we designed for Hisham Akram.

The Project

The collection of statistical infographics is one of the group of infographics we designed for the parliamentary campaign; it shows Egyptian statistics from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics on education , health , youth and sports, social issues and population. The statistical infographics display statistics on the the organizational structure that shows the hierarchy of people in charge, the space and population, The age group available, the educational features (schools, number of teachers, etc), the educational status; this infographic shows the educational status of the citizens of Heliopolis, the health features (number of medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, doctors, etc), cultural landmarks, youth & sports facilities, social affairs, marital status of Heliopolis inhabitants, catering services and Job positions per gender. The design of the infographics are very vibrant, lively & light; The aim of the project was for political purposes, however the icons used as well are incredibly trendy and visually attractive matching the rest of the design.

The Result

The Statistical Infographics designed are one of 5 different ones we had created for Hisham Akram’s parliamentary campaign.