Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is slowly but steadily sneaking up on Egyptian consumers and companies. Find out how consumers perceive companies that are trying to show real commitment towards doing good while doing business.

The Project

BridgEgypt (BE) approached us after having carried out a research called “Consumer Perception of CSR in Egypt”. They were looking for an agency that would highlight their most essential data to the public in a fun and creative way without going through what must feel like hundreds of questions with numbers that don’t even mean anything to anyone. One lovely afternoon, BE and our team met to throw around some ideas to get a general idea of what BE was looking for in the perfect design for their CSR infographics. It took our designer only a few tries to hit spot on. BE loved the clean design we came up with, but there was still something that didn’t feel quite right. After some fine-tuning, we realized that red was simply too aggressive as the main color and after having it changed to a bright green, BE felt like this was the perfect moment to give themselves the green light to present their survey.

Bright Creations' team surpassed all of our expectations by turning our raw survey data into an intricate infograph. We've been working with them on several projects every since and continue to be delighted by the quality of their work.

Karine Kamel, Managing Partner at BridgEgypt

The Result

While working on the infographics, we blended in BE’s own brand identity with some playful icons that would tell everyone the essentials of their study without having to go through a report.  To share it with users, we chose to launch it as a Facebook tab, where you can peruse now to find out more about the consumer perception of CSR in Egypt!