Sometimes things change a bit too fast around here and honestly, who can keep up with all this gossip the whole time? If it wasn’t for Cairo Gossip, we would probably still be trying to figure it all out. Cairo Gossip is an online lifestyle magazine that we helped built with our sister company, Media Republic.

Cairo Gossip

Cairo Gossip is a Cairene’s go-to website for everything that’s hot (and that’s not) in and around the city. Parties, food, people – you name it. When our sister company Media Republic took over Cairo Gossip, it looked a little like a grey, sad little duckling and this is how we got into all of this, a makeover was desperately needed and we redesigned and developed the whole thing.

The Result

Gossipers can now easily read the latest chitchat, view events and even check out the hottest places.

The new Cairo Gossip didn’t just come with a new design, it also came with some new features and sections, like the awesome animation that allows users to flip between categories by going left or right or “Bizarre”.

The overall structure of the application was changed completely for much better user experience. Features such as CG Live have been there before, but weren’t appropriately utilized, probably because the old website was so overloaded, you couldn’t distinguish a gossip post from a gallery post.