Check out Cairo 360, an online magazine that we helped built with our sister company, Media Republic. If you’re from Cairo and you still don’t know it, it’s about time you take a look.

Cairo 360

Cairo 360 is the definitive guide to living in the capital for anyone who’s interested in comprehensive and unbiased reviews of pretty much anything noteworthy - restaurants, movies, nightspots, galleries, shopping, cafés, even weekend getaways. We’ve been involved with Cairo 360 from day one and despite all the sweat and tears it cost us, we love it and we’re very proud to having designed and developed this award-winning online magazine not once, but twice!

The Result

The old Cairo 360 was developed in Java with a CMS that we built from scratch to give the editorial team advanced functionalities to better manage the editorial process flow, as opposed to using an off the shelf open source CMS. The editorial team is able to manage multiple different types of data and articles, various upload types and can submit and review all content prior to publishing it on the site. In addition, the custom system includes roles within the system to ensure that each team member only has access to what was relevant to them. In March 2013 a new and improved version of Cairo 360 was launched with some additional functionality. Users can now log into their very own MyCairo360 with their Facebook or Twitter accounts and follow their favorite categories to ensure they won’t miss a review about the latest there is to know about restaurants, just to name one. Apart from following categories, a user cacollect the places they like most and have them displayed in a nice and organized way under “My places”, no more endless searches necessary. We personally think that probably the most important new features is the user review functionality. Cairo 360 writes unbiased reviews, but what would a magazine publishing their opinions on all different outlets in the city be like if their trusted readers couldn’t weigh in with their opinion. With the launch of the new Cairo 360, users can now read restaurant reviews and directly make their reservations on the site. Not only do they have the option of making a reservation at their favorite restaurants, they can also make use of the new ticketing option, where Cairo 360 in cooperation with offers tickets to some of Cairo’s best events. After this laudation on how great Cairo 360 is, we think it’s best if you check it out yourself.