With the growing popularity and increased usage of mobile apps in our everyday lives, we thought it was time for a complete “Cairo 360” revamp.

The Project

A few years back, we built a mobile app for Cairo 360, The Definitive Guide To Living In The Capital and the product of our sister company, Media Republic. We were summoned back to completely revamp the whole app in terms of design & development.

From Sketch To Design

Cairo 360 mobile app was rebuilt with a whole new fresh look; the design is trendy, clean and the home page is based on a minimal iconic menu. The whole app is incredibly user interactive and even though the design is new and fresh in an effort to stay current with the latest design trends, it is still matching Cairo 360’s brand guidelines.


The Result

We are very proud to have been part of this experience; Cairo 360 is the ultimate Cairo guide and having a much improved and definitely much needed mobile app for users to enjoy and make use of as much of as possible is a great thing to participate in.
The new Cairo 360 mobile app provides the Reviews feature where users will be able to write their own reviews, rank and like recommended items and upload photos that they can upload along with the reviews.
The app will also allow for users to check in and pin their location on a map and view all venues around them via the GPS feature.
Because these days nothing is available without the inclusion of social media interaction, users will be able to login through social media accounts, invite friends to like & download the app and share posts directly to Facebook and Twitter through the app.
Many more amazing features are available in the new mobile app which is available on iOS and Android.