Last time we worked on BECAUSE was to help out with some minor development; this time we were lucky enough to revamp the whole site from A-Z.

The Project

BECAUSE is the Middle East’s first interactive hub connecting companies, non profits & social enterprises & a product of CSR company, BridgEgypt. We were brought in to do much more than just some minor development; we designed & developed the whole website from scratch

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From Sketch To Design

Our main focus when designing the platform was on the imagery rather than the text; we wanted the essence of BECAUSE to be captured through its powerful images as well as having a structured, modern look & feel with vibrant colours that match BECAUSE’s branding guidelines.

The Result

BECAUSE is a beautifully designed website filled with relevant CSR articles & stories of social innovators, charities, grassroots associations and companies that step up to drive social change.
The platform also offers ‘The Hub’ section which allows organizations to become members, get work through their profile, find out about one another and potentially collaborate.