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MBC Wanasah Mobile App on the App Store & Google Play!

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We are proud to announce the official launch of MBC Wanasah on the App Store & Google Play!
MBC Wanasah is a mobile app that allows you to expand your social network and with the tap of a button as well as stream live TV, the latest songs and playlists, images and videos which you can always download and share with your friends.

The mobile app was designed and developed by Bright Creations and is available for both iOS and Android users for free.

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Bright Creations is proud to announce the official launch of MBC FM and Panorama FM on the App Store and Google Play! More than four million users used the old apps so now they can benefit from the revamp to listen to their favorite radio channel, know all program details, presenters details, discuss important topics, know what is playing next, set reminders, add shows to favorites, set alarms to wake up on the voice of his favorite show and much more amazing features within the app.